Born 1961, Istanbul, Turkey

1983 Santa Monica College, Associate in Arts, Santa Monica, CA
1985 University of California, BA in Film, Los Angeles, CA
1988 University of California, MFA in Film, Los Angeles, CA
Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, London, England and Istanbul

2006 Kutlug Ataman, Sherman Galleries, Sydney
2005 inSite: Art Practices in the Public Domain, San Diego Tijuana
Perfect Strangers, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Küba, Artangel, London; Theater der Welt, Stuttgart
Stefan’s Room, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
2004 Stefan’s Room, Lehmann Maupin, New York
2003 Kutlug Ataman, Serpentine Gallery, London
GEM, Museum voor Aktuele Kunst, The Hague
2002 Never My Soul!, Lehmann Maupin, New York
Kutlug Ataman: Long Streams, Nikolaj, Copenhagen
Context Europa/Impulses from the Balkans, Theater Des Augenblicks, Vienna
Women Who Wear Wigs, Istanbul Contemporary Arts Museum, Turkey
A Rose Blooms in the Garden of Sorrows, BAWAG Foundation, Vienna
2001 Tensta Konsthall, Sweden
Women Who Wear Wigs, Lehmann Maupin, New York
semiha b. unplugged, Galerie Akinci, Amsterdam
2000 Women Who Wear Wigs, The Lux Gallery, London

2006 VideoZone3 – 3rd International Video Art Biennial in Israel, Herzliya Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel
The Grand Promenade, National Museum of Contemporary Art of Athens, urban interventions, Athens
Without Boundary: Seventeen Ways of Looking, MoMA, New York
2005 Realit;-)t, Seedamm Kulturzentrum, Pfäffikon, Switzerland
2004 Down Here, Bergen Kunsthalle, Bergen, Norway
Turner Prize, Tate Britain, London
54th Carnegie International, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh
The Future Has A Silver Lining: Genealogies of Glamour, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich
Monument to Now, DESTE Foundation, Centre for Contemporary Art, Athens
Flowers Observed, Flowers Transformed, Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh
Documentary Fictions, CaixaForum, Barcelona
Neue Kunsthalle III, Kunsthalle Mannheim
Athens Concert Hall, Athens
2003 8th International Istanbul Biennial: Poetic Justice, Istanbul
Fast Forward, Sammlung Goetz Collection, ZKM, Museum für Neue Kunst, Karlsruhe; Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid
Testimonies: Between Fiction and Reality, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens
le Printemps du Septembre, Toulouse, France
Image Stream, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio
Two Zero Zero Two, Deste Foundation, Centre for Contemporary Art, Athens
Die Neue Kunsthalle, Kunsthalle Mannheim
Witness, The Curve, Barbican Art Gallery, London
Tate Triennial of Contemporary British Art: Days Like These, Tate Britain, London
2002 Documenta 11, Kassel, Germany
Hautnah, The Goetz Collection, Villa Stuck, Munich
Bienal de São Paulo, São Paolo, Brazil
FAIR, Royal College of Art, London
2001 Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art, Germany
Narrative Affinities, GB Agency, Paris
2000 Enter Gallery, City Museum of Art, Helsinki, Finland
Cranbrook Museum of Art, Detroit, Michigan
Museum Moderner Kunst, Austria
1999 Kunstmuseum, Bonn
48th Venice Biennale, Venice
Centre des Arts Contemporains Genève, Switzerland
1998 Up To Date: Fondazione Trussardi, Milan
Videobrasil 98, São Paulo
La Biennale de Montreal
Manifesta 2, Luxembourg
1997 5th International Istanbul Biennial: On Life, Beauty, Translations and Other Difficulties, Istanbul

2000 Danish Film Institute, Denmark
Melbourne Film Festival, Australia
Milan Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Italy
Reel Queer, New Zealand
Tokyo International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Japan
Pesaro Film Festival, Italy
1999 Berlin International Film Festival, Germany
19th International Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey
Turin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 14th Edition, Italy
Mediterranean Film Festival, Germany
The New Festival, New York
Oslo Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Norway
Out on the Screen: Vancouver Queer Film and Video Festival, Canada
The 25th Annual Seattle International Film Festival, US
Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival of Toronto, Canada
Florida 8th Annual Film Festival, US
Frameline: 23rd San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, US
Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel
Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland
Stockholm International Film Festival, Sweden
Madrid Film Festival, Spain
The Turkish Film Festival, London
1996 Türkei Film Festival, Cologne, Germany
1995 Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey
Izmir International Film Festival, Turkey
Hong Kong International Film Festival
Brisbane International Film Festival, Australia
Shanghai International Film Festival, China
The London Turkish Film Festival
1994 Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey
Montreal World Film Festival, Canada
São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece
Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt
India Film Festival, Bombay
1988 Oberhausen Film Festival, Germany
New York Expo, US
CINE, Washington DC
Torino Film Festival, Italy
San Antonio Film Festival, US
Chicago International Film Festival, US

2004 Two Young Girls, feature film, screenplay by Kutlug Ataman adapted from the novel Iki Genc Kizlar by Perihan Magden, directed by Kutlug Ataman

2004 Carnegie International Prize, Pittsburgh, PA
1999 Teddy Special Jury Award, Lola + Bilidikid, Berlin International Film Festival
Audience Award, Lola + Bilidikid, 18th International Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey
Best Film, Lola + Bilidikid, 14th Turin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Italy
Best Director, Lola + Bilidikid, Mediterranean Film Festival, Germany
Best Film, Lola + Bilidikid, The New Festival, New York
Audience Award, Lola + Bilidikid, Oslo Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Norway
1997` Best Film, The Serpent’s Tale, Writers’ Union of Turkey Awards
1996 Best Director; Best Film; Best Screenplay, The Serpent’s Tale, Turkish Film Critics’ Association Awards
Best Director, The Serpent’s Tale, Türkei Film Festival, Cologne, Germany
1995 Special Jury Prize, The Serpent’s Tale, Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey
Artemis Award, The Serpent’s Tale, Izmir International Film Festival, Turkey
1994 Turkish Film Critics’ Association Special Prize, The Serpent’s Tale, Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey
1988 First Prize, La Fuga, New York Expo
Golden Eagle First Prize, La Fuga, CINE, Washington, DC

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